Other Microbiome Initiatives

African Soil Microbiology  

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Note from Don Cowan Director of the project: "As of December 2018, the AfSM project is on schedule. The 10 project partners across the African continent have collected nearly 1000 soil samples from across their respective nations.  The samples have been shipped to the University of Pretoria for metagenomic DNA extraction and 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis, together with physicochemical analyses. Both DNA sequence and chemical data sets are now complete, and data analyses will start in the New Year."

- Australian Microbiome 

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Visit their website and data portal


- Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the Plant Microbiota (DECRyPT)

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- MicrobiomeSupport (EU-funded project)

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Visit their website and follow the project on Twitter @MicrobiomeEU 


- Phytobiomes Alliance  

The International Alliance for Phytobiomes Research is an international, nonprofit alliance of industry, academic, and governmental partners created in 2016. The Alliance facilitates and coordinates international efforts toward expanding phytobiomes research in order to accelerate the sustainable production of food, feed, and fiber for food security.

Visit their website and follow the project on Twitter @Phytobiomes

- UK Plant Microbiome Initiative 

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Check this article featuring the UK Plant Microbiome Initiative, and the report and videos of the sessions for the UK Royal Society' meeting "The microbiome: human medicine and agriculture in a microbial world" 

You can follow the UK Plant Microbiome Initiative via Twitter @PMicrobiome