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New post-doc opportunity in Ashley Shade's microbiome ecology lab at Michigan StatePost-doctoral associate position to support an ongoing NSF CAREER award on microbiome resilience.

Soil Health Ecologist - Post Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences located at the main campus in Fayetteville, AR. The position is jointly funded by USDA-NRCS and the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service with guaranteed funding for three years.

Two Post-doctoral positions available:  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Pathogen-Suppressive Microbiomes:  Seeking two post-doctoral scientists to work on USDA and NSF-funded research projects focusing on the ecology and evolutionary biology of pathogen-suppressive microbiomes in agricultural and prairie soils.  Research focuses on the role of microbial species interactions in mediating the composition and functional capacities of soil microbiomes, and integrates comprehensive analyses of microbial phenotypes with genomic, transcriptomic, and metabolomic data of cultured strains; amplicon sequencing-based analyses of bacterial and fungal microbiomes; and soil chemical analyses in agricultural and prairie research plots.  Opportunities to contribute to communication, education, and public outreach also available within our team, and access to a large existing body of data will support rapid pathways to productivity (publications). For further information, contact Linda Kinkel (