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Given name Family name Affiliation Email Website Twitter Areas of Expertise Available resources (Ex: expertise, microbiome datasets, microbial WGS & phenotyping, culture-collection, training resources)
Angela Alleyne The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus Plant Disease Diagnostics, Molecular markers, diseases of roots and tubers, Fungal phylogenetics. Foliar Microbiome for sweet potato and cassava viz. RNA-seq and ITS data sets.
Matthew Bakker University of Manitoba Website Plant- and soil-associated microbiomes; suppression of plant pathogens and diseases; microbial ecology microbiome datasets; technical or analytical expertise
Gwyn Beattie Iowa State University Website Phytobacteriology; Microbial ecology (impacts of abiotic stress on microbes and microbiomes); Rhizosphere and phyllosphere biology Soil, rhizosphere and endophytic microbiome data from soybean (impacts of drought stress, biotic stress, cover crops, and spatial and temporal dynamics). Data include amplicon sequences of bacterial and fungal communities and cultured representatives.
Terrence Bell The Pennsylvania State University Website Soil- and root-associated microbiomes; microbial products; microbial invasion and establishment; microbial adaptation Cryopreserved soil microbiomes; various amplicon, metagenomic, and metatranscriptomic datasets
M. Soledad Benitez Ponce The Ohio State University Website Twitter Soil and plant-associated microbiome (bacterial and fungal); Host and microbiome responses to crop diversification; Suppressive soils and soil borne diseases; Beneficial plant-microbial associations; Microbial Ecology and microbiology; Plant Pathology Corn, soybean and tomato microbiome datasets; Bacterial endophytes of tomato; Teaching resources for Plant Bacteriology; Workshop resources for Introduction to Microbiome research and data analysis; English-Spanish translation capabilities
Raven Bier Stroud Water Research Center aquatic-terrestrial connections, microbial community dynamics, bacteria, structure-function relationships, nutrient cycling
Fiona Brennan Teagasc (Irish Agriculture & Food Development Authority) Website Twitter Plant-soil-microbial Interactions; Impact of Agricultural practice on soil and plant microbiome; denitrifiers & mediating greenhouse gas emissions; Enteropathogens in the environment
Liana Burghardt University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Website Twitter evolutionary ecology of plant-microbe interactions (focusing on legumes and rhizobia); adaptation and plasticity to environmental stressors; modeling the evolution of life cycles, histories, and strategies; interested in the development of beneficial inoculants Datasets from experiments with Medicago species and Ensifer bacteria: measurement of selection on complex synthetic strain communities in plant nodules and soil (Select and resequence); interspecific transcriptomics (plants and symbionts); genome-wide association studies in both plants and rhizobia
Posy Busby Oregon State University Website Plant-fungal interactions, microbial community ecology, plant disease Foliar microbiome data for a variety of wild and crop plants (e.g., culture collections, ITS and 16S sequence data, genomic and transcriptomic data for individual isolates and whole leaf samples, a range of phenotypic data).
Kathryn Bushley University of Minnesota Website Insect Pathogenic Fungi, nematode pathogenic fungi, secondary metabolism
Rosalie Calderon Benguet State University & Louisiana State University, Twitter Plant and soil microbiome, metagenomics and culture collection of beneficial bacteria soybean field microbiome dataset applied with different organic carbon amendments (biochar, poultry litter)
Trevor Charles University of Waterloo, Metagenom Bio, Website Twitter Hydroponic microbiome Glyphosate degradation Bacterial genome engineering Symbiotic nitrogen fixation
Trevor Charles University of Waterloo, Metagenom Bio, Website Twitter Symbiotic nitrogen fixation, microbiome of hydroponic systems, controlled environment agriculture
Wen Chen Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Website Computational Biology, Microbial Ecology, Biodiversity, Metagenomics Soil, air, aquatic and plant microbiome of agroecosystems. Metabacoding, shotgun metagenomics and metatranscriptomics data. Provide training on pathogen/pest detection from HTS data, metagenomics data processing, and data analysis.
Sharifa Crandall Pennsylvania State University Twitter Microbial ecology, plant microbiomes, fungal community ecology, plant pathology, soilborne disease dynamics, airborne and soil microbiota Molecular diagnostics, spore sampling from air and soil
Katherine Crosby Virginia Tech I am working in the Vinatzer Lab with identification and classification of plant microbial pathogens, obtaining their frequencies from public metagenomic datasets of environmental reservoir microbiomes, using the bioinformatic program sourmash. My current project is about Pantoea genetic/genomic diversity and how its adaptation, ecological niche, and life cycle relate to different environments (human, animal, plant, soil, aquatic, and atmospheric).
Graciela A de Lutz 1955 Twitter Plant Disease Diagnostics (traditional and molecular), Legume seedborne diseases. Field plant (legumes-beans-pigeonpeas) phenotyping for biotic and abiotic contraints, Root rots fungal pathogen diversity, learning about root and rhizosphere microbiomes for disease protection and fertility and how breeding can affect microbiome abundance and diversity in root/soil systems DNA from bean and pigeonpea foliar and root rot diseases, DNA from healthy bean roots from the Dominican Republic and Nebraska, R.solani (web blight) culture collection (maintained in sugarbeet seed) from Central America and Caribbean(some collected in the 90's). Low fertility/eroded field sites (for collecting exotic microbiomes or plant pathogens)
Paul Dennis The University of Queensland Twitter Microbial Ecology, Statistics, Phylogenetic Marker Gene Sequencing, Meta'omics Data and samples
Paul Dennis The University of Queensland Microbial ecology, Soil Science, Phylogenetic Marker Gene Sequencing, Metagenomics, Statistics, Bioinformatics, Rhizosphere, Root Exudates, Soil Health
Oualid (Walid) Ellouz Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Website Disease ecology, pathogen detection and integrated management strategies; Etiology and epidemiology of root, foliar and trunk diseases of grapevine, pome, nut and tender fruit trees; Microbiome of fruit and vegetables crops: Postharvest diseases of fruits and vegetables. Microbial culture collection and microbiome data from apple and tender fruit trees.
Kellye Eversole International Alliance for Phytobiomes Research Website Twitter Metagenomics, microbial sequencing, systems approaches
Kellye Eversole International Alliance for Phytobiomes Research Website Twitter Genome sequencing strategies and technologies, in-field sequencing, machine learning, deep learning, standards development, industry outreach.
Ahmad Fakhoury Southern Illinois University Carbondale Twitter Plant pathology, soybean diseases, fungal genetics, corn diseases microbiome datasets, culture collection (fungal), transcriptome datasets
Kenneth Frost Oregon State University Plant Pathology, Ecology and Epidemiology of Plant Disease, Disease Diagnosis
Deirdre Griffin LaHue Washington State University, NW Washington Research & Extension Center, Mount Vernon, WA Website Twitter soil nutrient cycling, soil microbial ecology, specialty crops
Christine Hawkes NC State University Twitter Microbial and plant ecology
Nico Hawley-Weld Edenworks Website Plant production, horticultural engineering, substrates, indoor farming, microbial ecology
Joshua Herr University of Nebraska Website Twitter Metagenomics, Mycorrhizal Fungi, Soil Microbiology, Comparative Genomics, Computational Biology
Jason Hong USDA-ARS Plant pathology, bacterial wilt, Ralstonia solanacearum, anaerobic soil disinfestation, microbiome
Muzammil Hussain Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Website Microbial Ecology; Soil Microbiology; Fungal Genetics; Molecular Plant Pathology; Fungal Diversity Soybean microbiome dataset; Nematode-suppressive soils microbiome dataset
Karin Jacobs Stellenbosch, University, South Africa Website Soil Microbiology, fungal phylogenetics, mycology Datasets from indigenous fynbos crops, rooibos and honeybush as well as maize and wheat under conservation agricultural practices. Through our commercial projects, we generated fingerprints for a number of crops in South Africa. Other resources include a culture collection of major fungal and bacterial groups from the fynbos.
Audrey Kalil North Dakota State University Williston Research Extension Center Website Twitter Plant pathology, applied agriculture research, cropping systems, root nodule symbiosis Dryland no-till agricultural research site, irrigated research site, long term crop rotation studies, farmer cooperator network
David Kendra BASF Website Twitter cereal breeding, plant pathology, trait development trialing,
Linda Kinkel University of Minnesota Ecology and evolutionary biology of plant-associated microbiomes in agricultural and native habitats Soil and endophytic microbiome data from potato, corn, wheat, soybean, barley, oat, native prairie grasses and legumes.  Data includes amplicon sequencing of bacterial and fungal communities as well as phenotypic and whole genome sequence data from cultured representatives within plant-associated microbiomes.  
Manuel Kleiner North Carolina State University Website Twitter Microbial metabolism and physiology Symbiosis Metagenomics and Metaproteomics Plant SynComs for Wheat and Corn Gnotobiotic plant growth
Velmourougane Kulandaivelu ICAR-Central Institute for Cotton Research, India Website Agriculturally Important Microbial biofilms; Plant-Microbe interactions;Rhizo-engineering; Soil microbiology Transcriptome data sets of Trichoderma viride, Azotobacter chroococcum, Trichoderma viride-Azotobacter chroococcum biofilm, Bacterial isolates (16S rRNA) of Cotton rhizosphere and phyllosphere, Biocontrol bacteria for Pectinophora gossypiella (Pink bollworm of cotton), Helicoverpa armigera (American bollworm of cotton)
Jan Leach Colorado State University Website Twitter Plant-microbe interactions, Plant pathology, Plant-aphid-microbe interactions Russian wheat aphid microbiome dataset
Melissa LeTourneau USDA-ARS Soil Ecology, Soil Microbiology, Soil Chemistry, Soil Mineralogy, Plant Pathology
Jude Maul USDA-ARS Website Dr. Maul's research interests include: conducting research on plant/soil ecology and biogeochemistry of agroecosystems. His current research focus is on the fundamental components of sustainable farming systems. Dr. Maul is interested in understanding how landscape level management decisions have impact at the micro or molecular scale, in particular how changes in microbial community structure and function influence greenhouse gas flux, organic matter cycling and plant decomposition. Liaison for the RCN to the USDA-ARS Long Term Agricultural Research network (LTAR), Field scale agroecosystem research experiments, Deep soil corer equipment (>5m), Plant germplasm collections, nodule microbiome datasets, Illumina NextSeq500, Oxford nanopore technology, Molecular tools for soil food web analysis. Pyrolysis GC-MS.
Brian McSpadden Gardener Sustane Natural Fertilizer Agricultural microbial ecology, microbial biodiversity, bioprospecting, microbial formulation, and bioproduct development.
Ulrich Mueller University of Texas at Austin artificial selection on microbiomes, rhizosphere microbiome, insect gut microbiome, co-evolution, microbiome selection, Brachypodium, Apis, Bombus, bees rhizosphere microbiomes Brachypodium, bacterial isolates, 16S surveys bacterial rhizosphere communities
Knowledge Mushonga University of Pretoria Plant Sciences in plant-soil interactions, plant pathology
Lucas Nebert Oregon State University, Maize microbiome, metabarcoding sequencing, drought tolerance
Nhu Nguyen University of Hawaii at Manoa Website Twitter Soil microbiology, fungal biology
Klaus Nüsslein University of Massachusetts Amherst Website Twitter Soil microbial ecology; environmental microbiology; deep soil metagenomes, metatranscriptomes; plant phyllosphere metagenomes of temperate and tropical pasture grasses
Klaus Nüsslein University of Massachusetts Amherst Website Twitter Soil microbial ecology; environmental microbiology; deep soil metagenomes, metatranscriptomes; plant phyllosphere metagenomes of temperate and tropical pasture grasses
Tony Pattison Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, Queensland Nematology, Tropical Horticulture, Soil management systems, Disease suppression Field sites
Renee Petipas Washington State University Website Twitter Evolutionary ecology of plant microbe interactions, Plant microbiome (domestic and wild), Plant-diazatroph interactions, microbiome effects on plant phenotype Technical and analytical expertise, microbiome datasets, culture collections
Lori Phillips Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Microbial biodiversity and sustainable agro-ecosystems: Evaluating agronomic practices that enhance microbial ecosystem services; Agronomic management of soil microbial nutrient (C, N, P) cycling processes: Determining how these processes can be managed and manipulated; Next generation soil biology indicators: Testing and implementing molecular methods to assess soil biological health in agriculatural systems Field scale agroecosystem research experiments; soil microbiome datasets (16S and ITS) for a variety of cropping systems; archival material from agriculatural research trials - soil and DNA; high throughout qPCR and ddPCR capacity
RAVIN POUDEL University of Florida/ USDA-ARS Website Twitter Microbiome Data Analytics, Bioinformatics, and Graphical Models.
Hayley Ridgway Plant & Food Research Ltd, New Zealand, Government research institute Website Plant microbiology with a focus on the functional link between microbes and plants. Working with both agricultural and native plants and across microbial taxa (fungi and bacteria). I have a particular interest in beneficial microorganisms including rhizobia, arbuscular mycorrhiza and beneficial bacteria. See google scholar for publications: Culture collections of plant pathogens, endophytes and epiphytes. Expertise on using propidium monoazide to exclude relic DNA from amplification. Microbiome datasets from grapevines, manuka. Technical expertise and expertise in applications for grant funding. Team leader for a group of 17 scientists focused on multiple aspects of plant microbiology
Hannah Rivedal Oregon State University - HAREC Plant disease diagnostics, soilborne pathogens of vegetable crops, microbial community analysis
Adam Rivers USDA Agricultural Research Service Website Twitter I'm broadly interested in new computational methods in microbiome science and the application of machine learning methods to agricultural problems. I'm also interested in microbial ecology and environmental virology.
Leonardo Rocha Southern Illinois University Carbondale Plant Disease Diagnostics, Soybean Root Diseases, Root/Soil Microbiomes, Soil-borne Pathogens (Fusarium) soybean microbiome datasets, soil-borne pathogens isolates
Eduardo Rodríguez-Román Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research Twitter Virology, Biological and Molecular Characterization of New, Emerging and Re-emerging Viruses, Molecular Epidemiology, Phylogenetics, Evolution and Ecology of Viruses Plant virus sequence dataset, technical and analytical expertise in the identification of viruses.
Alejandro Rojas University of Arkansas Website Twitter Plant-fungal interactions, plant pathology, microbial community ecology, oomycete and fungal pathogens of field crops Soil and root microbiome data for a variety of field crops and forest. Resources available: culture collections, ITS and COI sequence data, genomic data for individual isolates and phenotypic data for isolates.
Deborah Samac USDA-ARS Website Plant pathogen isolation and identification; gene cloning, plant transformation. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) culture and usage. Pathogen collections of Pythium species, Aphanomyces species, Pseudomonas species. Collection of bacteria associated with root nodules. Collection of Sinorhizobium meliloti.
Daniel Schachtman University of Nebraska - Lincoln Website plant physiology, Roots, soil nutrients, microbiology, abiotic stress tolerance in plants, 16S amplicon sequencing, root exudates
Christopher Schadt Oak Ridge National Laboratory Website Twitter Soil Ecology; Plant-Microbe Interactions; Biogeochemistry Populus microbiome datasets and culture collections
Lynn Schriml University of Maryland School of Medicine Website Twitter metadata standards biomedical ontologies environmental microbiome MIxS minimal information standards, developed by the Genomic Standards Consortium.
Jane Stewart Colorado State University Website Twitter Plant Pathology, fungal pathogens associated with woody plants, fungal communities in needles and forest soils, and associated with diseases compared to healthy plants culture collections, microbial genomes and ITS, 16s and 18s microbial datasets
Nejc Stopnisek Michigan State University, Website Twitter Assembly and stability of soil and plant microbiomes; Recruitment of plant beneficial microbiota; Application of microbes for plant improvements; Nutrient cycling, soil quality, and climate change Bacterial culture collections; 16S rRNA and ITS amplicon datasets for common bean (rhizosphere, rhizoplane), switchgrass, miscanthus (phyllosphere), apple (rhizosphere); metagenomics and metatranscriptomics of common bean rhizosphere and switchgrass phyllosphere; metagenome/metatranscriptome/metabolome/amplicon data analysis pipelines.
Sarah Strauss University of Florida Twitter soil microbial ecology, soil and root microbiome of specialty crops (tree crops, vegetables), high-throughput sequencing, nitrogen cycling field sites, expertise in specialty crops, microbiome datasets for citrus and tomato
Jyoti Taneja UC Berkeley Twitter Plant pathogen interaction; Plant biotechnology Powdery mildew genomes; expertise on developing plant pathogen resistant plants, training resources.
Dan Tomso AgBiome Website Agricultural biotechnology, microbial genomics, transgenic crops, biologicals, R&D leadership AgBiome maintains of collection of fully-sequenced plant and soil associated microbes.  Our collection currently contains approximately 60,000 high-quality genomes and physical isolates.  We partner with academic and corporate labs regularly to pursue topics of scientific or business interest.
Frances Trail Michigan State University Website Twitter Microbiomes of plant organs, emphasis on fungi, spore dispersal, Fungal genomics and genetics, lichens, Fusarium graminearum, evolution of fungal morphology: fruiting bodies; spore germination and host penetration From the Kellogg Biological Field station: fungal and bacterial collections from winter wheat; 16S and ITS sequences of winter wheat in different growth stages, roots, stems and leaves done separately from wheat maize and soy beginning in 2013. Extensive RNA-Seq of stages of developing perithecia of several fungi; RNA-Seq of stages of conidial germination and plant penetration of 6 species of plant pathogens.
Lindsay Triplett The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Twitter Developing improved methods for profiling and classifying eukaryotes in the rhizosphere. Working to understand the ecological roles of protists in shaping the bacterial rhizosphere community. Also studies bacterial plant pathogens.
Reinhard Turetschek bio-ferm Website Plant-Pathogen Interaction, Proteomics, Metabolomics
Boris Vinatzer Virginia Tech Website Twitter Genome-based classification and identification of bacteria Help with genome-based classification and identification of plant-associated bacteria using the website that we are developing
Maggie Wagner University of Kansas Website Twitter Plant biology and genetics; quantitative genetics; evolutionary ecology; plant-microbiome interactions maize microbiome dataset (leaves, roots, rhizosphere; fungi and bacteria) maize DNA samples used to generate microbiome datasets code for analyzing amplicon-sequencing datasets
Jason Wallace University of Georgia Website Twitter Genetics Genomics Maize Plant-microbe interactions Statistics Bioinformatics Computation Fieldwork
Briana Whitaker USDA-ARS Website Twitter Plant-fungal interactions, microbiome community analysis and informatics, mycotoxigenic fungi, paired culture independent and dependent approaches, biocontrol development culture collections, agricultural microbiome datasets, PNA design to block host ITS amplification, technical and analytical expertise
Jiuein Yang National Taiwan University Website Twitter Plant Nematology; Biological control