Workshop 1: Launching the Agricultural Microbiomes Research Cordination Network (July 2018, Boston MA, held in conjunction with ICPP 2018)

Workshop leaders: Jude Maul, Gwyn Beattie, Jan Leach, Jim Tiedje, Linda Kinkel, and JP Dundore-Arias  

Workshop 2: The challenges of scale: Analytics for complex datasets linking microbiome data to local, regional, or continental-scale plant productivity

Workshop leaders: Josh Herr, Jim Cole, Susannah Tringe, Johan Leveau, Linda Kinkel, and JP Dundore-Arias

Workshop 3: Model systems: Learning from non-crop models and optimizing crop models

Workshop leaders: Posy Busby, Ben Wolfe, Paul Schulze-Lefert, Jeff Dangl, and JP Dundore-Arias

Workshop 4: Different, better or neither: Contrasting plant and soil microbiomes in agricultural vs. natural habitats

 Workshop leaders: Johan Leveau, Jim Tiedje, Sarah Castle, Tim Crews, Posy Busby, Linda Kinkel, and JP Dundore-Arias

Workshop 5: The path forward: Harnessing microbiomes for enhanced agricultural production